The future of pharmaceutical bioproduction

We offer premium industrial access to powerful compounds.

Plant tissue revolution

We make high value ingredients affordable and sustainable.

Alkion BioInnovations is pioneering the next-gen active ingredient bioproduction platform for the development and large-scale supply of critical vaccines and treatments.

Carbon footprint






-75% to -99%
Production costs

What we do

Alkion innovates in plant tissue technologies. We have invented a process of biostimulation of plant genes in bioreactors to improve the production of molecules of interest in specific organs, with yields up to 800x compared to greenhouse culture. From the 1L lab reactor to our 300L “Alkaburst 2.0”, we are building the most efficient vertical & molecular farming system in the world for the production of high value active compounds. Alkion owns 4 patent families and exclusive licenses covering our breakthrough processes and technologies.


Our commitments

Sustainability is our priority


We are developing the most sustainable botanical platform. Through a carbon neutral approach, our closed-circuit technology saves energy, water, space* and recycles 95% of waste.  We are committed to providing access to the most potent molecules for vaccine development to fight infectious diseases with worldwide organisations.

*compared to other state-of-the-art methods.

The highest quality


Our technology allows us to work with the purest biomass, with no use of pesticides or any other adulterants, making our extractions and purifications cleaner and greener.



Thanks to our micropropagation process and strictly controlled culture conditions, we can guarantee a variability under 5% batch-to-batch consistently all year round for safety of patients and consumers.

Low cost


With Alkion’s technology, highest quality finally becomes affordable.  With productivity increases orders of magnitude above current best practices, we can offer access to rare and expensive plant compounds for industrial use.

Security of production


Our method of plant culture in confined bioreactors with optimal utilisation of 3D space offers a security level commensurate with the production of sensitive compounds for medical purposes.

Latest news

Alkion is a finalist of Zayed Sustainability Prize (COP28)

December 2023

Alkion is a finalist of the prestigious Zayed Sustainability Prize in Health category during COP28 in UAE.

Alkion wins EIC Accelerator

June 2022

Alkion is a winner of ultra competitive EIC Accelerator and is awarded €5M for the set up of its pilot biorefinery.

Cannabis Europa London conference

November 2021

Sarah-Meryll Buet is representing Alkion at Cannabis Europa on November 10/11 2021 in London.

ICBC Berlin conference

August 2021

Alkion is invited to International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin on August 26/27th 2021.

Alkion Laureate “Plan de Relance” 2021

May 2021

Alkion’s Alkaburst has been selected as a priority R&D project for the “Plan de Relance” program by the French Industry Ministry.