Our Story

In 2011, Alkion BioPharma has been created to revolutionise the secondary metabolims production for cancer therapies.

Imperial Innovations, a team of Imperial College researchers & business professionals joined together to develop the technologies able to transform the non-GMO plants into a natural biorefinery.


Quickly the technological platform received strong interests from the cosmetic community and the company signed research contracts to develop new disruptive cosmetic ingredients.


Four years after inception, with a strong commercial pipeline, Alkion BioPharma has been acquired by Evonik Industries AG for cosmetic & food supplements applications.


The new company Alkion BioInnovations was created in march 2017 in order to develop disruptive nutrition & pharmaceutical solutions. The company owns exclusive rights on this applications.

Our Values

Plant Sciences Excellence

Get the state of the art of plant technologies.


Transform Plants Sciences into a profitable & meaningfull innovation for mainkind.

Quality, Industrial Replication,Traceability

Offer industrial solutions for a worldwide econimical & social impact.

Our Awards

Winner of the 18th I-lab 2016 

French National Innovative Business Creation Competition

The I-LAB contest is organized by the Minister of Research and BPI France and is aimed to reward and encourage the most innovative and promising startups in France.



Laureate of Plant new generation accelerator (l'Usine du Future) 2017

Scientipole Initiatives is the Ile de France-based Tech accelerator for young and promising start-ups covering 4 

technological fields of innovations.


Winner of "Coup de main" prize from La Fabrique Aviva (2nd edition) 2017

Social Entrepreneurship competition created by the insurer Aviva.

Prize: 10 000 €


Laureate of the New technology venture accelerator (Netva) 2017

NETVA is a program of preparation and exposure to high-tech US markets for young innovative French companies. It is run by the Office for Science & Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States in three locations: Boston, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington, DCEach year, 20 French startups are selected though a national competition after evaluation by juries in France and the program’s four north-American cities.

Laureate of SME Instrument Phase I - Oct 2017 

Supervised by the European Commission, this program offers a grant of Eur 50.000 for a concept or feasibility study.

Our project is to validate the feasibility of the production of mabinlin extracts from plants produced in bioreactors. Tests have been realised also for Rebaudiosides (stevia), Brazzein (Penta-diplandra) & Thaumatin ( Thaumatococcus Daniellii).



Laureate of i-Nov Program - Oct 2018: NeGenSweet 

It offers a €718k grant+R&D loan.

Our project is the production of mabinlin extracts from plants produced in large scale bioreactors.



Laureate of Plan de Relance - May 2021: AlkaBurst

It offers a €945k grant.

Our project is the production of QS-7/21 adjuvant from Quillaja Saponaria, & 2 special biosimilars from Nicotania produced in large scale bioreactors.



Laureate of IPA4SME - June 2020 & 2021

It offers a €15k grant for IP expenses.





Alkion BioInnovations owns a large set of R&D devices & machines