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Alkion BioInnovations develops a new innovative industrial process to produce natural food additives, natural flavours, essential oils & biopesticids.

Rising Food Stars

Feb 2019

Alkion has been granted €718 000 from FranceAgriMer (part of the French Agricultural Ministry) for its program NeSweetGen.

Rising Food Stars

July 2018

Alkion has been selected as Rising Food Star by the EIT Food. We hope to contribute to a healthier, better and cheaper food revolution.

EIT Food Acceleration Network

July-October 2018

Alkion has been selected to following the main european food accelerator from EIT.

SME Instrument Phase I

October 17 Cut-off

Alkion has been awarded a grant for its food technology.

Netva Canada 2017/FTTA Israel 2018

Alkinnov thanks the french Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Business France/BPIFrance for their help in NETVA 2017 & FTTA Israel 2018.

Concours La Fabrique Aviva

Thank you for your support

Alkion has been awarded the "coup de main" prize of 10 000€.

Concours I-Lab 2016

Alkinnov thanks the french Ministry of Research and Advanced Education, and the jury of I-Lab 2016 for selecting us.