Sarah-Meryll BUET


From a financial background, Meryll started her career in capital markets between London & Paris. She has developed a passion for Sciences & Innovation. After having helped to develop Alkion BioPharma, she wants to build a new Greentech innovation's trajectory.


General Manager

From Investment Banker to Biotech risk taker, Franck is active in Biotechnologies, Cancer therapies & IA as investor/business developer.

Dr. Julien SECHET


Constantly intrigued by the beauty of plant structures, Julien has built an expertise in plant cell wall. Today, he uses her knowledge to push plants break their limits and give us plenty of their precious molecules.



Having always followed his passion for plants, Leo-Paul holds a PhD in Plant Biotechnology and is now up for new challenges in Alkion Bioinnovations. His specialization focusses on the production and analysis of high-value natural compounds.


Research Engineer

Graduated from AgroParisTech in plant biotechnology, Gabriel developed a broad hands-on experience in areas such as precise genome editing techniques or high-value metabolites bioproduction. From agronomical research to cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, he saw in Alkinnov a different but unique way to pursue his passion for plant valorization innovative technologies.


Rep. Imperial Innovations (Partner)

Govind leads the Co.Create team within the Technology Transfer team dedicated to entrepreneurship at Imperial Innovations Ltd. In his early career Govind was a scientist at the Cavendish labs in Cambridge University and in Japan. Govind has a BSc in Chemical Physics from University of Sussex, PhD in Semiconductor Physics from University of Warwick and an MBA from Imperial College business school.

Dr. Peter NIXON


Peter is Professor of Biochemistry at Imperial College London & in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). His team is studying various aspects of solar energy conversion by chloroplasts and cyanobacteria. 

Dr. Houssein WEHBI

Plant tissue researcher

Houssein holds a PhD in Plant Biology (2020) ( Plant in vitro tissue culture)


Dr. Norbert Winhab

VP Strategic Project Health Care - Evonik Industries AG

Dr. Norbert Windhab is heading the function Strategic Projects at Evonik Industries AG Business Line Health Care since 2008. He spun out the JV from Aventis SA with Nanogen Inc., CA, in the field of DNA-based diagnostics and drug-research as its Managing Director in 2001 and entered Degussa AG, now Evonik Industries in 2005 to initiate clinical programs in nutraceutical product innovation and novel functional drug delivery excipients.

Dr. Windhab is scientific board member at the University of Freiburg BIOSS Government Excellence Center and in the Kuratorium of the Max Planck Institute in Cologne. He is lecturer Pharma Polymers at the University of Jena and invited auditor to Fraunhofer Institutes. 

He was R&D head “Bioorganic Systems” at Aventis R&T from 1998 until 2001. In 1996 he became project director chip-diagnostics at Hoechst AG’s R&T central research. In 1994 he joined Albert Eschenmoser’s laboratories (ETH-Zürich/ Scripps Institute, La Jolla CA) for post-doctoral research. He obtained his PhD in Biophysical Chemistry at the Freiburg University in 1993 on the synthesis and bio-physical properties of bio-polymers and RNA model compounds. He was member of the scientific advisory board of the venture fund Polytechnos II in Munich until 2005. 


He published scientific and strategic articles and holds numerous patents in peptide actives chemistry, drug R&D and delivery technology in the fields of life-sciences, supra-molecular chemistry and biopolymers. 


Colin Stott

C.O.O Alinova Biosciences Ltd

He is co-founder of the new Venture Alinova Biosciences Ltd.

He spent 18 years as Head of Operational R&D at GW Pharm to develop medical cannabis cultivation.  


He holds a BSc in Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Loughborough University.