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                Natural Food Additives


Industrial food products contain almost all chimical additives more and more suspected to be dangerous or toxic. Alkion wants to offer a solution to replace those chimical products by safer natural equivalents at a competitive price.


We develop :

- natural intensive sweeteners : non-bitter stevia, monatine, thaumatine,.....

- high-end natural conservatives 

- natural photoprotectors

- complex natural carotenes

                     Natural Food Flavors


Natural Aromas are rare, subtile & complex.

Alkion wants to substituate synthetic flavours to plant-based flavors produced by the plant tissue.


Our development program includes vanillin, saffron, nootkatone, valencene


                                 Alternative super protein

Because we think plants contains all the nutrients we need, and we want to offer an high quality but affordable alternative to animal proteins, we also develop superfood biomass like the duckweed for its high protein content and other nutrients.