Research & Development


Alkion BioInnovations is a pionnier & leader in plant tissue propagation technologies.


We have developped and patented a R&D platform to obtain highly valuable natural non-GMO ingredients/biomass. 


Plants naturally have super-capacities from their genes expression that can be enhanced by a R&D work, an innovative hydroponic production method and connected new generation biorectors, without using any genetic modification. 

A specific genetic stimulation allows the plants to product actives with exceptionnal yields, a constant high quality and an absolute purity. 


Alkion BioInnovations is commited to develop and produce new actives & extracts for the 3 main markets: Medical cannabis, Nutrition and Pharmaceutical recombinant proteins.


Our approach is sustainable, non-destructive and protective of the biodiversity.


We are currently working on the optimisation of production algorithms using genomics.



Intense natural sweetener




Adjuvant & Recombinant proteins




High value cannabinoids